Hi, my name is Aiden (but you can call me TOG1 AKA TogI)
I Produce and Remix music for fun. I started making music on Garage Band back in 2017 when I was around 10. Since then I’ve been addicted to making music. Back in 2018 I got my old piano from storage and started to learn how to play myself . I’ve been progressing throughout the 2 years and have learned how to play by Ear Not by Note I have also learned how to play chorus and melody. This is just a little about me! 🙂

This is my Music site. Any music I produce or remix will be uploaded to here, Soundcloud and Youtube. I have a little blog page here so if you want to check that out click Blog! Or click music to check out my recent music/remix’s. you can also donate to me. but this is not needed.