Who am I?

Hi, I’m Aiden C. Desjarlais (AKA Togi/tog1), A 16 year-old programmer and music producer who resides in the heart of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
I Like to make games, and most of all, play them.
I Like music, and i love making it when I can, you can find some of my remixes, or original songs here Togi’s Music
Family guy at heart, I enjoy everyday with my family and friends, making the best of the life I have and the family who I’ve been gifted to share it with.

What do you do?

Currently I’m working as a freelance developer online, creating websites, applications, and games for people, for a very small price.
Combined with that, most of my income at the moment is coming from the streaming platform Twitch, Where I mostly do charity streams for St. Jude.
The money I make on Twitch comes from Twitch’s built-in donation methods, such as subscribers, and bit donations.
People donate to St. Jude through the donation button below my stream, which goes through to St. Jude.

Interested in what I’m currently building / working on? Checkout MY PROJECTS