Hi! My Name is Aiden. I play video games, and raise money for charity.
I’m a small streamer hoping to make it big one day.
its a huge world we live in, but that world has infinite possibilities.
We have raised over 500$ for St. Jude.

My goal is to make other people happy, this has been my goal since kindergarten.
making people laugh and helping others is what I’m best at.
If helping someone effects me in a bad way ill still do it, as long as I can see people enjoy life.
I’ve been going by this motto for my entire life, I don’t plan on changing it.

I’ve been streaming for the past 3 years on twitch, starting off on Fortnite.
my friends encouraged me to stream on Twitch after Ninja got famous.
Some of these friends I’ve long since talked to, so to make sure they’re remembered their names are Oscar, Aidan, Tony. But most importantly Oscar who without I would not be streaming at all.
(If you would like to check out Oscars OLD Youtube Click HERE, my name was Fittyman)