My Projects

For people looking for Venturian bot, I have discontinued it. I may bring it back in the future when discord.js fully releases a way to get audio from a VC.


Togi’s Server Services
TSS is a bot that allows for easy access to creating game servers. This bot has been through many many updates (which you can see with the !updates command!)

Now this isn’t a typical discord bot either. To get access to use to bot you MUST join our Discord Server.
To use the bot DM “Togi’s Server Services.” ALL COMMANDS MUST BE RAN IN DMS WITH THE BOT!

Run !help to get started! you cannot currently make any game server with this bot but no worry’s as there MANY other things to do for now. I plan to add the actual game servers in the Public Release in version 1.16.0
Currently the bot is in Alpha-Release 1.12.6. Previous Version Was Pre-Release 1.10.5.