My Projects

T-Logg | A web-library, that reproduces a console, and allows you to manipulate it for cool effects, to make it look like a program is running. An early alpha of the T-Logg library can be found here.

Sahara Browser | A web-browser that functions off of Googles API, without making the Client making requests to Googles API.
This is for people who have no way of using the internet with certain Search Engines, or people who can’t view certain websites. Sahara will have paid, and free plans. More information for Sahara Browser soon.

TDCN | Togi’s Digital Cloud Network will be an all open-source (currently closed source) website that will allow Developers to upload ENDLESS amounts of storage, of course, with a cost. Free plan will allow up to 10GB of free cloud storage. We offer multiple levels of security on even our Alpha branch, available for Demoing at,
Basic write/read/remove API’s are being written. Only certain Alpha Developer Testers have access to the API at this time.

PZ | Project Zombosis, will be a semi-co-op gaming experience, based of the oh-so famous Valve game Left For Dead, however this time, its in 2D, and the players are rectangles.